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    Krista Piper is a Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer specializing in wedding photography for Columbus, Ohio weddings, Dublin | New Albany | Lancaster | Hilliard weddings, Destination weddings in The Outer Banks, Hawaii, and any fun destination you can imagine in the world and nationwide weddings.


    Welcome to Pipers Photography Blog! Yay!

    I am based out of Columbus, Ohio and photograph weddings all over Ohio, nationwide and destination weddings.

    Here you will find my most recent wedding photography and engagement sessions. You will also find personal information about me, the photography business, and day to day happenings. I know, you're excited right?

    **Currently booking 2015 weddings and 2016 weddings. Please contact me to check on my availability for your wedding day. **

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    I am based out of Columbus, Ohio. Are you an out of town bride? No problem! We can set up a Skype date or arrange a time when we are both in the same state. I truly enjoy photographing destination weddings as I am planning my own destination wedding!

    I photograph weddings all over Ohio, nationwide and destination weddings. Please visit the website here for more information.

    Thanks so much and I can't wait to talk to you more!

    - Krista

Introducing Crazy Legs! Happy Thanksgiving!



Introducing Crazy Legs!

I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!   This is Crazy Legs – He comes out every Thanksgiving to enjoy the festivities!

Enjoy the turkey and family!



He normally sits onto of the mantel


Bentley had to be involved in Crazy Leg’s photoshoot since I was sitting on the floor taking pictures! To Bentley that means it is play time with the tennis ball!

The crazy fall season! Love all of our fall couples!!

This fall season has been crazy busy and we have loved every second of it!!

Here is just a small tidbit of the gorgeous and amazing couples that we have had the pleasure of photographing the past 6 weeks!


Austin + Eryne

Ohio Historical Center Village Wedding004
Ohio Historical Center Village Wedding001
Ohio Historical Center Village Wedding003
Ohio Historical Center Village Wedding002


Mark  + Jennifer




Matt + Jennifer



Eric + Treacy




Craig + Lisa




Brain + Chelsea



October 28, 2015 - 7:01 pm

Chelsea - Love to see these sneak peaks!! Thank you!!

Coaching Session with Katelyn James

Last Tuesday my mom and I set out on our way to Richmond Virginia.  We take a lot of trips so going to Virginia was an easy trip to take! I had planned on driving myself and taking myself there, but my mom thought it would be good if we went together since it is about a 7 hour trip and then some with pit stops.  So, we set out Tuesday morning to Virginia and made it there by the end of the afternoon.  You might be asking why did I go to Virginia?  Well… It is because of this one photographer – Katelyn James! You can check out her website here  –

I have been following Katelyn James for a couple years at this point and always loved her blog posts. I never knew how she kept up with her blogging schedule because I don’t think she ever sleeps!  I have watched what she has done with her business as not only an amazing wedding photographer, but as a leader in the wedding industry.  I have tuned into her youtube videos and a workshop online.  After watching her workshop online for the Come Together Event, I knew that I needed to meet with her.  I knew that some things needed to change a little to propel my business forward, but I didn’t know how exactly to make those changes and what actions needed to happen.  A lot of times small business owners are so close to everything in their business that it is hard to see the little changes that need to happen. Having the opportunity to sit down one on one with one of the industries leading wedding photographers was exactly what I needed.

I have watched numerous workshops online by other industry leaders and attended workshops in person with those same leaders.  I always come away from the workshops with lots of nuggets to help make my business and me grow.  A lot of times though the information given at the workshops is very general since it is going out to 100 people or more depending on the audience.  I knew I needed information that was more concentrated on my business to really give me an overview and a plan of attack to grow and propel the business over the next year.  The coaching session with Katelyn was the perfect answer.  I admired how she ran her business from a far and what she has been able to do  since she opened her business in 2008.  I trust her knowledge on the wedding industry from a photographers point of view and also value her opinions on my work and what needs to change.

I signed up for the AM time slot with her on August 26th and loved every hour I spent with her!  The coaching session part of the day was amazing.  The amount of information that I received was priceless.  There were little things that I hadn’t even noticed or thought of before and all of them combined together will help my business grow to where I want it to be. I have have already started to implement some of the ideas and within one week have seen the pay off!  There are going to be several changes over the next 6 months here.  I know that you will love the changes as I already love them!  You will be seeing more of me on the blog! Yay!   If you have checked out the main website lately then you may have noticed updated pictures and updated head shots… Wait… What!!??

After the coaching session with her in the morning I was able to meet the afternoon coaching session attendant – Audrey Rose Photography – She is also a Virginia wedding photographer and is awesome!  I loved hearing her story and where she wants to take her business over the next year! I am so excited to continue to check out her blog and see how she grows her business!  Lunch was awesome as it was with Audrey, Katelyn and Michael!  Once lunch was done Katelyn, Audrey and I headed to the famous parking garage.  I had heard about it, but I didn’t know if we would be going to the parking garage for our head shots.  We did!

I am so excited to have updated head shots and Katelyn did such an amazing job!!

Thank you Katelyn for the coaching session, all of the priceless information that is going to help me grow my business over the next 6-12 months and the beautiful head shots!

Audrey, Me and Katelyn!



Behind the scenes shot! Thank you Audrey!



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Head shots by Katelyn James 


Katlyn + Jeremy | Anna Maria Island Florida Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

Katlyn + Jeremy


Anna Maria Island Florida Wedding Teasers

Destination Wedding Photographer

I am so excited to finally get some of these gorgeous pictures up on the blog!  I had them posted on my facebook page for awhile and now they are on the blog!   We had a lovely time with Katlyn and Jeremy on Anna Maria Island for their destination wedding in Florida.  It was amazing to spend time with them and take photos of their gorgeous wedding.  Enjoy the teasers for now and soon you will get to see the entire wedding!