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April : The Dreamers



Yay! The next bag! I am playing catch up a little bit on posting these since well… there was a little baby born in April and that made life a little crazy!


Since I get these bags once a month – you will be seeing these posts once a month… yay! Right now you will see a little more as I am catching up on months.


I really enjoyed this glam bag! April was a good one with several items that I wanted to try and ended up loving!  I still have yet to try the Moroccan oil treatment, but that is okay – I will try it soon!



Here are the products:

Tarte – LipSurgence lip creme in Wonder
Moroccanoil – Moroccanoil Treatment
Luxie Beauty – Creamcatcher Tapered Highlighter Brush 522
Jor’el Parker – Fango Face Mask

Starlooks – Cream Eye Shadow in Rose Gold

1.Tarte – LipSurgence lip creme in Wonder

Love Tarte! I used to own a couple of their products so getting some lip creme in the bag was awesome.  I am someone who very rarely buys lipgloss or lipsticks because I feel like I buy a color, get it home and it still isn’t the right color.  Sephora has helped this issue a little bit since you can try the colors on before you buy – but I still buy the wrong shades.  Having these products come in the mail is refreshing – I can try and not feel bad if the color isn’t perfect!  This color is great on me though and I love how smooth it goes on!


2. Moroccanoil – Moroccanoil Treatment

I have heard of Moroccan oil so many times, but never bought it or tried it. I was super excited to see it in the bag! It is the perfect way to try it out.


3.  Luxie Beauty – Creamcatcher Tapered Highlighter Brush 522

Another brush!  I actually don’t have a highlighter brush, but again since I don’t use brushes that much it just got added to my collection.


4. Jor’el Parker – Fango Face Mask

oo face products! I actually love the face products I use, so new products are always fun to try out – but I pretty much just stay with my tried and true routine.   I will let you know how it is when I try it. Finding the time to try a face mask with a little person is hard work!


5. Starlooks – Cream Eye Shadow in Rose Gold

Love eye shadow! This rose gold is amazing and I love it.  It is always a little strange to do a  cream based eye shadow and not powder. It is always so much thicker then I am used to, but still a nice chance and great for a night out. I use gold eye shadow a lot, so this gold isn’t that far off from what I would normally wear.



We would like to introduce you to Wyatt!


Born April 24th 2016 at 12:07pm

9lb 7oz and 21.5 inches


You might have noticed that it has been a little quiet around the blog since April and this little bundle of joy is the reason!  We are beyond excited to share with you pictures of Wyatt!  He was born at Dublin Methodist Hospital via C section.  We didn’t plan on having a C section, but he was to big for my pelvis.. so plans changed after 35 hours of labor and he was born an hour later!  He was born with a full head of hair and I am happy to announce that 8 weeks later, he still has all of his blonde hair and it just keeps growing!  He still has gorgeous blue eyes – we are waiting to see if they are going to stay blue like his daddy or change to brown like his mommy!  I will keep you updated on which way his eyes go!

Here are some pictures from the hospital when he was born!


wyatt003 wyatt004 wyatt006 wyatt010 wyatt023 wyatt024 wyatt016 wyatt018 wyatt025 wyatt026 wyatt019 wyatt020 wyatt022 wyatt027 wyatt041 wyatt043


The cousins and Auntie came to visit!!

wyatt036 wyatt037 wyatt030 wyatt044 wyatt045 wyatt046 wyatt048 wyatt049 wyatt052 wyatt057

March : Hello, Spring!



Have you heard of Ipsy? I heard about it about a year or so ago and was interested in it, but never signed up for a subscription.  I couldn’t figure out if it was worth the $10 to get random samples of products or if it was better to just go to Sephora once a month and spend $10 on a product I know and want.  Hmm decisions..decisions.

I finally decided in February that I would go ahead and sign up for Ipsy.  My first month was iff.. the verdict was still out. Once I got my April Glam Bag I was in love with Ipsy!  I seriously love getting the bag now every month.  I thought that it would be great to share with you monthly what I got in my glam bags!

I am starting with the first month that I got my bag – March! This bag was my first and not my favorite.  It did have some fun items in it, but since they didn’t know me very well I had more products in it that I wouldn’t use then would use. Oh well!  Luckily, after every bag you can review the products and redo the quiz to get more products that you would like!


Here are the products:

Beau Gachis Eyeshadow Brush

ModelCo Lip Lacquer Lip gloss in Socialite

Aphrodite Skin Care – Replenishing eye cream – bad

IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer

OFRA Cosmetics – Green Go Eyeliner

1. Beau Gachis Eyeshadow Brush

I wasn’t a huge fan of this brush just because I have a lot of brushes and I really do not use them.  I am more of a use your finger to put make up on!  Eek! I know!  Make-up artists everywhere are cringing!


2.  ModelCo Lip Lacquer Lip gloss in Socialite

This lip gloss I enjoyed a lot.  It smelled great, had an awesome color and went on nicely.


3. Aphrodite Skin Care – Replenishing eye cream

This was my least favorite product.  I didn’t use it yet – so it might be a great product, but I can’t handle the smell!  So.. haven’t tried it yet!

4. IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer

This is a nice concealer.  I haven’t used it yet to cover any under eye bags. I should try since I know I have some because of a certain little 7 week old! It is a nice consistency.


 5. OFRA Cosmetics – Green Go Eyeliner

I do enjoy this eyeliner! It is so smooth and I love the fact that it is green!  I know it isn’t a common color black – but I have always had fun with different colors and green is one of them!


Musa + Rebecca


Snowy Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session at Alley Park  | Musa + Rebecca


When I met with Becca for her and Musa’s wedding she chatted about how she wanted snow for their engagement session.  I love snow sessions!  I usually get the chance to do one or two  year depending on my couples and I was so excited when she said she wanted snow.    The fun part was waiting for the perfect snow storm to come to give us exactly what we wanted.  We all wanted the perfect picturesque snow that is still on the trees and snow falling and just a winter wonderland.  The first date we had we decided it wasn’t the best – it was winter storm Jonas and it just didn’t put any snow down.  The next little snow storm that came though dumped a bunch of snow in the Lancaster area – at least 5 inches which was perfect for a snow session.  We were originally going to do the session near Marysville, but they just weren’t getting the snow!  I let Becca know that we got a ton of snow down in Lancaster and if they were okay with switching the session location to get snow.  She said Yes! Yay!  So we went to one of my favorite and gorgeous parks in Lancaster – Alley Park and photographed their session there!    Becca and Musa were both troopers for handling the cold!! It was chilly! The snow did put on a beautiful show though – little snow flakes falling from the sky the entire session, snow on the trees and fresh snow on the ground! Beautiful!   I can not wait until their August wedding! The weather is going to be very different then!


Snowy Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session at Alley Park Snowy Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session at Alley Park MB.Engagement009 MB.Engagement062 Snowy Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session at Alley Park MB.Engagement021 MB.Engagement119 MB.Engagement030 Snowy Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session at Alley Park MB.Engagement062 MB.Engagement054 Snowy Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session at Alley Park MB.Engagement128 MB.Engagement081 Snowy Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session at Alley Park MB.Engagement033 MB.Engagement044 MB.Engagement111 MB.Engagement114 MB.Engagement122 MB.Engagement019 MB.Engagement031 MB.Engagement027 MB.Engagement055 MB.Engagement007 MB.Engagement130 MB.Engagement066 MB.Engagement071 MB.Engagement125 MB.Engagement090 Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session Alley Park Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session Alley Park Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session Alley Park Lancaster Ohio Engagement Session Alley Park MB.Engagement127

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