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Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  We spent some time with my family on Sunday and enjoyed an easter egg hunt and lots of goodies! My parents were there – plus Heather and my 2 nephews – Andrew and Ethan.  BB3 was also there – he got an easter basket!  Bentley enjoyed all the festivities as well! He got an easter basket too. He was supposed to get some bones, but I seem to have misplaced them before I left!

Check out the photos from the day!



The Photographer is gettin’ hitched : Picking out wedding colors : Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer



I decided to wait till almost the last possible second to do my taxes this year – go me!  I have been buried in receipts and paperwork for most of last week and this week trying to get everything organized.

I do have the queen Latifah show on right now playing in the background – I have caught clips of the show, but never really had it on the whole time.  It is only 4 minutes in and she is showing some funny clips from the internet on her QL’s spin around the world… I have seen 2 of the 3 videos that they showed… I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. One I even posted on Scott’s page because it was hilarious.  It was a guy dancing in his swimsuit to what looks like a zumba/cardio fitness class that was by a pool.. who exercises by a pool?


Anyway – back to wedding stuff

Picking out colors – how hard is that? Ridiculous.    I have done what every bride does and got on pinterest to create a wedding board.  I really feel like I need a whole board just for centerpieces, wedding dresses, save the date ideas and everything else instead of 1 giant board.. but we will get to that at a later date.

Having one giant board right now has actually helped in figuring out the wedding colors.   I have pinned centerpieces that like, colors I like, bouquets, some dresses, and save the dates – all things that I love and love the colors.  When I put a lot of the pictures together a couple colors really stand out as being ones that are my favorite.  One isn’t to big of a surprise – Turquoise.  I figure some shade of turquoise or aqua would be one of the wedding colors.  I figure there will be a brown somewhere mixed in or a neutral shade and then I want a nice accent color.  These are a couple of the boards that I came up with :




You can probably get an idea of the theme we are going with… I haven’t given away any information about where or when the wedding is – we will get to that  :)

From all of those pictures and many more I pretty much came up with the colors below –  Yes there are two turquoise colors that are crazy similar.. one is a bit brighter then the other. I probably could have eliminated one of them… but for now thy are staying.  Does this color selection hold our wedding colors? I have no idea, but I think it is a great place to start!


So, if you are working on your wedding colors and really do not know where to start – one giant pinterst board is a great start to pull colors from.   If you are’t into that sort of thing and just want someone to have already pulled some swatches for you then I highly suggest this website:

She has done a ton of work at making great color palettes from images of almost every color.  You can search by specific colors or themes like Spring, Global, The Sea, etc.  Just searching up The Sea has brought gorgeous ones that I am already in love with – Take a look:



I hope this has helped you pick out your wedding colors or at least got your mind rolling for some ideas!! Once we figure out our colors I will let you guys know!




The Photographer is getting hitched – The Proposal – Columbus OH wedding Photographer

I am typing this blog post with a new shinny piece of jewelry on a certain finger…  I am engaged!   Scott and I went away for the weekend to visit some friends in Roanoke, Virginia and he proposed on Friday evening:) Here is the whole story for everyone -


We had already planned to go  down to Roanoke to visit a couple of his friends over the weekend.   We had already looked at rings back in December, so he could kind of get an idea of what I like. I LOVE the pear shape so I knew it had to be that kind of diamond.  Plus, I am a fan of skinny bands and nothing to crazy.  So, going looking at rings was awesome so that he knew what the general type of ring was that I would like.    From there –  He had made a couple comments about a month or so later about how we had to get down to Roanoke before the sun set… hmm…  his reasoning was because the hotel was hard to find – the light bulb in my brain went off that he was going to propose at sunset.  Around the same time I had looked up things to do in Roanoke, so that we had some ideas  to do with his friends or just by ourselves.  I had already seen this nice overlook that is by the worlds biggest star.   Apparently he had heard about the overlook at star as well!


Well… the weeks went by… he would go in for ” meetings” to look at diamonds all the time and came back saying that the ring wouldn’t be finished till sometime in April.  The stories that he was telling me about the diamonds and looking at this diamond and that diamond got hilarious.  Lets just say that he made up some pretty interesting stories.  He caught wind that I had thought he was going to propose in Roanoke – which is why he was making up all the stories to throw me off.  It was a pretty interesting game really lol.   He had me believing him for maybe a week or so and then he said another thing that I thought was funny  -  We were going to go out to dinner with his friends 2 nights in a row – Friday and Saturday night.  I thought that was kind of strange… so again the light bulb went off that it might be happening again at Roanoke.


To make a very long story short if you have stayed with me this far –  We got to Roanoke – his friends were ” stuck in traffic” and couldn’t meet us at the star, but were going to meet us for dinner.  We got to the star  - I guess at great timing from what we hear by our family that was watching it all – there was a bunch of people on the overlook before us and then a bunch right after – but while we were on the deck there was no one even in the parking lot.

We walked around the deck – he was trying to get me to the front of the deck ( by now I knew what was going to happen… but I was playing along and taking pictures of the overlook)  He said my name in slow motion and then I turned around and he was on one knee. He said a couple of very sweet things and asked me to marry him.  He was speaking very slow – which was mildly hilarious  - there is a live camera that overlooks the deck and it has a 15 second delay so he was making sure that it was slow enough that our families could see the whole thing.


Afterwards, we took some pictures together and went to dinner.  It was a reservation for 2 and not 4 at dinner lol.


He did have a total surprise back at the hotel that he did before we left.  When we were in the truck getting ready to leave he had left his cell phone up in the room and had to run up and get it – I thought the elevator had eaten him because he was gone for so long – really he was putting rose petals all over the floor and had a card with some wine chilling and glasses all ready for us when we got back that evening.    I had gotten him a card too, since I had a feeling that he was going to propose that weekend:)


Overall it was an awesome weekend in Roanoke.  Yes, I did know he was going to propose – I just didn’t know when.  The anticipation for me was probably better then being surprised because I was about to get a gorgeous dress, do my nails, make sure my hair was great and all that good stuff!  It was like getting ready for Prom only way better.


Here are some pictures taken from screen captures of the proposal, us on the deck with my baby camera and some pictures of the gorgeous ring that I took when we got home!



 The Proposal



The smartphone picture that went to facebook :) 





This was us before we left for the park – He wanted to make sure we got a cute picture since we never get pictures when we are dressed up.



The view from the deck


The star!


Right after we got engaged! 


Me remembering that  ” oh yeah.. I have to be on this side to show off my ring… I like my other side better!” 


Full length shot that a nice guy snapped for us! 


This was Saturday evening out to dinner with friends celebrating! 


Now… what you have all been waiting for!!! Macro shots of the ring!!! YAY!!!! So excited that I actually get to take macro shots of my ring! This is probably the first of many! 


Vacation time | Key West Florida | Wedding Photographer travels

Warning – There are a TON of pictures of Key West! I went a little crazy since it was so beautiful!

Ah… freezing cold Ohio… got to love it.  I really, really, really miss the warm 80 degrees that we had in Florida.  My parents and I were in Florida for almost 2 weeks and it was lovely.  We drove down which is mostly why it took almost 2 weeks, but it was a fun car ride.  We enjoy traveling and road trips are always an adventure with my parents.  Scott stayed home with the animals for 2 weeks.  I don’t know who missed me more – Bentley or Scott. I got numerous texts and pictures from both of them while I was gone.

I am going to break up the vacation pictures into a couple of different posts because there are a million pictures… alright… not a million, but pretty darn close to it! I had my big girl camera down there that I have for weddings. I usually do not take that camera with me, but the big girl back up camera is what I normally take. I figured for Key West and the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises I would want the big camera.  I also had my little point and shoot, my video camera and my phone… yeah.. a lot of pictures were taken!  We also spent a week in Disney – that is mostly why the vacation post is being broken up into multiple posts because I have a ton of disney pictures. I have really only gone through the pictures that were off my big camera, I haven’t even touched my little camera yet. I was going to look through the parades and fireworks on the video camera last night to show Scott, but that didn’t happen. I know he is just dying to see the electric light parade!

So here is Key West in a nutshell.

The first evening we were there we just wondered around – our hotel was about a block from Duval Street and 2 blocks from the southern point.  It was a great location. One of the things I loved about the atmosphere of Key West was that everything was within walking distance.  Everyone had bikes they rode around on or just walked everywhere.  There were a ton of local artists around too which is always exciting.  I love purchasing local artist items and did so on this trip. They are some of my favorite souvenirs to take home, since they are one of a kind.  I will go more into detail on those exciting purchases in another post next week.

The next couple of days we just wondered around Key West enjoying everything that was there.  We went to Mallory Square during one day to check it out – that was a blast!  We also went to Key West Garden Club Martello Tower.  It was an old fortress that they turned into a garden.  It is all volunteer based and gorgeous!! They have weddings there too!  I think a wedding in Key west at the Martello Tower would be amazing – any brides want to take me up on the offer?

They have some of the best food in Key West as well.  We ate multiple times at Caroline’s that was on Duval street.  It was amazing.  I had a mahi mahi sandwich for lunch one day that was great. We went back there for dinner and I had a spicy chicken cajun pasta. It was amazing.  I did have some key lime pie… since you have to have some while down there. I can say I am not a huge fan of Key lime pie.  I think it is the fact that I want something that is sweet for a pie, and the pie was kind of tart. Oh well.  At least I tried it!   We stopped by Margaritaville, but didn’t eat there.  We have eaten at one several times in North Myrtle Beach so we figured we could forgo this adventure.  My mom and I did get Margaritas on Duval Street from Sloppy Joe’s which were great.  They had a little camera outside that was live –  That is a fun thing! I called Scott to say hi to him while we were on it!  I just opened it up to look at it and it looks so warm there.. people walking around in shorts, tank tops, swimsuits.  Haha just right now while I was watching it two girls came up to it, one on her cell and they both waved at the camera! I think they are doing exactly what I was doing that evening!

We got to see some gorgeous sunsets – one by our hotel and another by mallory square.  We woke up early one morning to catch the sunrise at the end of the road by our hotel.  There are a lot of pelicans around and there was one that was pretty friendly in the morning that we did the sunrise pictures.  There were tons and tons of chickens and roosters running around Key West as well.  That was a whole other experience in itself with all the chickens running around.  There were some cute baby chicks running around too – they were adorable!! It made me want to come home and get chickens.

Alright – onto pictures.  There is a ton more I can tell you, but you can get the idea of the vacation over the next couple of blog posts through all the pictures!




March 15, 2014 - 6:04 pm

Michael Sasser High School Pictures - I always new this place was amazing, but you REALLY make me want to visit!

March 15, 2014 - 9:55 pm

Jennifer - Absolutely gorgeous!